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Hot Weather Makeup Tips

July 30 2019
Hot Weather Makeup Tips

The outside temps are hotter than ever right now, and while the heat is great for swimming, hitting the beach, and other outdoor activities, it’s not so good when it comes to your makeup. Don’t let your makeup melt away while you’re out enjoying the sun this summer! Today, we’ll talk about some makeup tips from the pros to help you keep everything in its place.

Primer. If you don’t normally prime your face, summer is the time! Primer does a great job of keeping your foundation from melting in the heat, and it gives your makeup longer wear vs only using a foundation.

Foundation. Ideally, you should try to forgo foundation in the summer, and just dab a little cover up on small flaws. If you don’t love the idea of leaving your skin so bare, try using a mineral powder instead of foundation because anything with oil is going to sweat off if you’re really hot. If you have oily skin, opt for a waterproof, silicone-based liquid foundation. A CC cream, which provides coverage while moisturizing and protecting from sun damage, is great for people with dry or combination skin.

Monochromatic eye. For a low-maintenance evening look, smudge eyeliner and then follow it with an eye shadow of the same color. Bronze tones can look fresh in the summer, but the look works with bright or neutral hues, too. The key is to stick to one shade.

Bronzer. Use bronzer in place of blush to keep your makeup routine minimal and go for a more natural look. In the summer, the term “less is more” definitely applies!

Gloss. Trading in your regular lipstick for a gloss during the summer will help keep your lips moisturized and pretty. Make sure to find one with an SPF for UV protection as well, because your lips can burn in the summer sun too!

Looking great will be a breeze this summer when you follow these handy tips! For a professional makeup application for a special occasion or just as a treat for yourself, make an appointment today at Regina Webb Salon & Spa. Our professionals are ready to help you look and feel your best this summer. For an appointment, call us on (270) 781-4676, or visit us at 1250 Westen St. in Bowling Green. You can also contact us online, or download our free mobile app from Amazon or Google Play to make an appointment at your convenience.

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