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What Message is Your Haircolor Sending?

March 31 2020
What Message is Your Haircolor Sending?

One of the most important factors to consider when you’re seeking a new hairstyle is to make sure it reflects your personality. Color is the perfect way to make an individual statement, through the clothes you wear and the hair color that compliments your unique style. What does your hair color say about you? To help you out, we’ve gathered a few ideas from the pros about how other people might perceive you, based on your hair color.

Brunettes. Miss Dependable. Believe it or not, research has shown that people view brunettes as smart, level headed, and responsible. While natural brunettes are not uncommon, updating this hair color with highlights is an easy way to make any brown-haired beauty stand out.

Black/deep chocolate browns. Miss Mysterious. Deep brown hair - nearly black- is a tough color to pull off, but we think it may be worth the gamble. Midnight-hued tresses convey a hint of mystery as well as perceived confidence and creativity.

Blondes. Miss Fun. With only 10% of the world’s population possessing naturally blonde hair, it’s no wonder it gets so much attention! From bright platinum to golden blonde, this hair color packs major sex appeal with a touch of innocence. Choose this color if you’re looking to convey a fun, flirty personality that’s always up for a good time.

Reds. Miss Adventurous. Like natural blondes, redheads are rare. Yet for some reason, they tend to get a harsh rep. We prefer to look at scarlet sirens as being adventurous, outgoing, and yes, a bit fiery in all the right ways.

Fantasy/jewel colors. Miss Unique. People who choose bold colors like jewel tones or fantasy shades are outgoing, fun, and confident in their own personalities. They’ve chosen to be unique because they are – and individualism is their proud focus.

The best news is, hair color options are practically endless with different coloring techniques to help you create a look that is uniquely you. If you’re ready for a hair color change, make an appointment today at ??Regina? ?Webb? ?Salon? ?&? ?Spa??. Our professionals are ready to help you look and feel your very best. ??For? ?an? ?appointment,? ?call? us? ?on? ?(270)? ?781-4676,? ?or? ?visit? ?us? ?at? ?1250? ?Westen? ?St.? ?in? ?Bowling? ?Green.? ?You? ?can? ?also? contact? ?us? ?online?,? ?or? ?get? ?our? ?free? ?mobile? ?app? ?on? ??iTunes?? ?or? ??Google? ?Play?? ?to? ?make? ?your? ?appointments? ?at? ?your? ?convenience?.?

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